Jan 12, 2012

Wow what a Mail Day!

I was so excited when i got home to see a pile of packages on my island!!! Even more exciting when I didn't know what half of them could be!!!

Here it goes!  

(2) Redbull 4 Packs! I tried submitting the form 2x from two different browsers, but it wouldn't go through but surprise! I received 2 of them woo hoo!! {No longer available}

Rephresh Tampons and Pro-B Pills! {No longer available}

Parents Magazine - Available HERE

Tempur Pedic Magazine and Sample {No longer available}

FREE Lilo and Stitch 85 Minute DVD! - Disney Movie Rewards had a HOT promo for 75 pts you received a mystery DVD! This was mine! {No longer available}

Maxim Magazine 1 yr subscription from freebizmag.com but {No longer available}

Disney Destination DVD - Available HERE 

FREE John Frieda Hair Dye {No longer available} but offer comes up often!

FREE $25.00 gift from Aveda for my Birthday!  - Available HERE

FREE Starburst Candy - {No longer available}

3 FREE Poise Pads - Available HERE

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