Jan 17, 2012

Never miss another Addicted2Savings4U Post AGAIN!!!

Here are the 10 easy steps so you’ll never miss a deal:
1. Once your on facebook scroll down the left hand side and look for a screen like below.   Click the More Link to be redirected
Facebook fix 2
2. You need to click the + Create a List tab on the upper right screen.

3. After doing so, the window shown above will appear. Write in “Addicted2Savings4U” then click “Create List”.

4. After creating the Addicted2Savings4U list, you’ll be brought to this page shown above and all you need to do is click “Add friends”.

5, After doing so, it’s going to load all your friends but scroll to the upper left and select the “Friends” drop down menu then click “Pages”. All your liked pages should appear.
6. In the upper right, click the search box and search “Addicted2Savings4U”. This will quickly bring up Addicted2Savings4U and all you need to do is click our icon.
Facebook fix 7
7. Click “Done” on the lower right.

8. After doing so, your should be able to see the created list and everything we share on our wall should appear like shown above. Now scroll over the Addicted2Savings4U tab shown above and a tiny pencil should appear to the left. All you need to do click the pencil.

9. Once you click the pencil, a drop down menu should appear and you will need to click “Add to Favorites”.

10. And now you can access all our posts straight from your wall by simply clicking the Addicted2savings4U tab anytime you login to Facebook.
*It will post numbers of how many new posts I have! 

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