Nov 8, 2011

Entertainment Book! The Must have Coupons!

Now would be a great time to sign up for if your interested in an Entertainment Book!! You will receive 1,500 points on Mypoints for the purchase of an Entertainment Book!

Entertainment Books are $33.00 but when you order through Mypoints you will receive $5.00 off PLUS Free Shipping + 1,500 Points!!! 

*Once signed up for Mypoints search for Entertainment Publications*
{These books contain over $18,100 in savings, and come with FREE Coupons for food items!}
{Also grocery store savings, and their customized to your city!}

Plus if your interested in purchasing 2 books! This is how your deal will work!

Purchase 2 Entertainment Books! 
1st Book will Be $33.00 - $5.00 = $28.00
2nd Book will be $20.00
PLUS FREE Shipping + a total of 3,000 pts towards Mypoints.  That is enough to get your first FREE Gift Card!

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