Nov 29, 2011

Whoever said NOTHING in life is FREE, Clearly isn't a fan of Mine!

I wanted to take the time to compile a list of how I get so many Items for FREE!  I hope you enjoy this bit of information and find it useful!  

Crowdtap is a fun and easy way to earn Amazon Gift Cards!  Crowdtap is allowing us to give our honest opinions and feedbacks on certain products.  It's FREE and easy to sign up.  Everyday you sign into Crowdtap you will have "quick hits" which are quick simple survey questions and their seeking your honest opinion.  The more points you accumulate, the higher your "level".  

Crowdtap offers incredible freebies which you apply for under "new actions" tab.  When the "new actions" tab alerts you of items you have to qualify to get accepted to receive the freebies!!! It's super simple.

So far I have received:

(3) FREE Coupons for Old Navy Jeans, Any style, ANY Price.

(1) $25.00 Gift Card to Pink Berry

*You can also receive easy points by referring friends, each friend will earn you 100 Points.

BzzAgent is very similar to Crowdtap.  BzzAgent is seeking individuals to give their honest opinions on products tested.  Although with BzzAgent you will not receive any cash, just a slew of awesome freebies.

So far I have received:

FREE Loreal Mascara

FREE Covergirl Natural Luxe Foundation {Full Size}
w/ High Value $3.00/1 Coupons

(2) FREE boxes of Krogers Truely Awesome Cookies
w/ Several $1.00/1 Coupons

(1) FREE Coupon for Private Selection Pizza, any size and price
(1) FREE Coupon for Private Selection Appetizer, any size and price
(1) FREE Coupon for Private Selection Dessert, any size and price

Mail in Rebate for $14.99 back for any size Jim Bean Alcohol

BzzAgent is big on each individual sharing their honest opinions and posting on facebook when accepted into new campaigns.  Campaigns are easy to get into and you will receive notice in your email.  BzzAgent wants you to let people know you were given these items for FREE!

Moms Meet is meant for moms with affiliations with other moms.  This Program is especially awesome if you are involved in a mommy group, or have lots of mommy friends!  Moms Meet sends tons of freebies at one time, and each freebie is full sized!!! Expect to receive 30+ of each product sent.

*Moms Meet requires a follow up survey of the products test, with again your honest opinions.  The surveys are short and take no more than 3 minutes.

So Far I have Received:

30 Bottles of Cough Medicine with Honey, All Natural

(1) Bottles of Hylands Cough and Cold Liquid Medicine

30 Kashi Granola Bars 
(2) Full Size Boxes of Kashi Cereal

(15) $1.00/1 ANY O Organics Products
$25.00 Vons/Safeway Gift Card

(6) FREE 6 Pack Zevia Soda
(30) $3.00/1 Product Coupons
FREE Carry Cooler

House Party is just as it seems.  House Party is seeking individuals to throw private parties in their homes and selected dates.  You invite your own friends and family members and they send you several goodies to make your party a success!! They are constantly adding new House Party to apply for.  The goodie baskets even include, cups, plates, napkins and sometimes balloons for your parties!

Items I have Received so far:

Gerber Party Pack:
(6) 6 Packs of Yogurt
50 + Gerber Smart Sips
(4) Bags Yogurt Melts
(2) Canisters Gerber Puffs
20 Gerber Snack Bars
A Banner, napkins, cups, plates and Balloons!

Tequila House Party:
Received High Value Coupons for Tequila
(2) FREE Pitchers
Recipes Booklet

Game Night Party:
Received High Value Coupons for game boards
Received Logo Game Board
Quelf Game Board

Huggies Pull Ups Party Pack

By now most people are aware of No More Rack and how it works.  One great thing I love about No More Rack is everyday they have a Friend Deal.. The Friend Deal allows you to score items for FREE by simply referring friends to No More Rack.  Most Friend deals are 2-6 friends.

MyPoints awards you points for shopping online at select stores.  You can also qualify for surveys and money saving offers to help you gain points.  Mypoints will not award you in actual cash, but they offered hundreds of Gift Cards to be mailed to you.  MyPoints is how I get all my FREE Target and dayspa gift cards!  Points add up quickly.  

Mypoints also sends emails daily and each email you open you receive 5 pts!  If you don't enjoy a massive amount of emails, this is not the program for you, or maybe create a different email address?

Easy way to earn points - Use their coupons program and receive 10 pts per coupon redeemed *takes 6-8 weeks to credit though*

Vocal Point is a word of mouth company.  Vocal Point sends FREE Full size samples quite often.  You will be notified via email when new samples are available.  Along with their samples will always be High Value Coupons you can't get anywhere else but Vocal Point.

Items I have received so far:

Full Size Downy Softener with High Value $2.00 Coupons

FREE Motts for Tots Coupons along with high value $1.00/1 Coupons

(2) FREE Bounce Dryer Bar Coupons along with high value $2.50/1 Coupons

Swagbucks is a virtual website that allows you to earn points by simply searching the web.  You are awarded with "Swag Bucks" and swag bucks are then redeemed in the "swag store" for merchandise and gift cards.  Swagbucks is the number one place we're all earning $5.00 Amazon gift cards from!  It takes a week for your amazon gift card code to arrive via email.

You can earn easy points daily:

1 Pt - Daily Poll
2 Pts - NOSO

You can also take surveys with the chance of winning high value points up to 500 pts.

Also, you can use Swag Bucks Coupon Program to receive 10 pts per coupon redeemed *Takes 6-8 Weeks to credit*

Smiley 360

FREE Redbox Rental

FREE Pam Cooking Spray, Spatula, Hunt's Tomatoes and FREE Bakeware Dish

FREE Children's Advil


Ghiradelli Program: FREE Milk & Truffles

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