Jun 30, 2011

Companies I have emailed and got free stuff!

I will compile a list of companies I have contacted with either compliments or complaints and what I have received:

It really does pay off to contact companies and give them your honest feedback, they enjoy it and it helps create better products!

*Huggies {Complaint}- Free Mega pack of Diapers

*Glad Trash Bags - (2) FREE Coupons for Free Glad Trash Bags up to $7.00

*Kings Hawaiian Bread - (2) FREE Coupons for any k.h bread up to $4.00 & $1.00/1 coupon

*Maruchan-(1) FREE coupon for top ramen, (1) FREE coupon for yakisoba, (1) FREE coupon for cup noodles

*Blistex Labortories- {Butt Paste} - Received (6) Travel size samples of Original Butt Paste & (3) $1/1 coupons

*Pop Chips- (1) Free bag of Pop Chips & (2) $1/1 coupons

*Gerber Graduates - {Complaint} Purchased a bad toddler meal, replaced the meal with a FREE Coupon

*Glade - {Complaint} Wasn't a fan of the Oil Scented candles in the sparkle scent - Received FREE Coupon for a new one of a different Scent!

*Bumble Bee - (3) $0.25 off any Bumble Bee Product

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